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AI-Powered Bike Light & Camera Designed to Keep You Safer

Headline: Powerful & weatherproof, this battery powered sensor delivers real-time safety features to bikers & drivers

Customer Benefit/Outcome: Customers leveraging the Velo.AI Copilot experienced significant enhancements in operational efficiency and scalability. The AI-enabled solution provided by Hellbender allowed them to bypass the limitations of bulky servers and cloud dependence, enabling rapid deployment and integration into existing systems. This innovation led to a marked reduction in development time and operational costs, ensuring a smooth transition into AI-enhanced operations.

Challenge: Hellbender faced the challenge of overcoming the traditional barriers associated with AI and mobile applications, including the need for bulky, energy-intensive servers or the slow, costly process of cloud migration. The goal was to deliver a compact, efficient solution that could operate independently of network connectivity, catering to a diverse range of mobile applications.

Technical Challenges: The technical intricacies involved in developing the Velo.AI Copilot included the optimization of AI-powered sensor systems for mobile applications, ensuring they were small, portable, and scalable. Hellbender navigated the complexities of integrating these systems with new or existing hardware without compromising on performance or efficiency.

Process & Approach: Hellbender’s approach to the Velo.AI Copilot project was comprehensive, focusing on leveraging their expertise in AI-based computer vision and sensor technology. By employing open-source designs and in-house manufacturing capabilities, Hellbender was able to rapidly prototype and iterate the product, ensuring a swift market entry. Their process underscored the value of their intellectual property and innovative manufacturing techniques, setting a new standard for mobile AI applications.

Solution: The solution was multifaceted, involving the design and engineering of compact, AI-enabled cameras capable of operating across a variety of mobile applications without needing constant network connectivity. Hellbender utilized their proprietary technology and manufacturing prowess to create a scalable, efficient solution that could easily integrate with different hardware, marking a significant advancement in mobile AI technology.

Detailed Technical Overview of Velo.AI’s Copilot

Velo.AI Copilot: Enhancing Cycling Safety with AI Technology

The Velo.AI Copilot represents a significant leap forward in cycling safety, utilizing advanced AI technology to transform the traditional bike light into a comprehensive safety device. Designed by Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science alumni, Copilot harnesses autonomous vehicle technology to monitor the area behind cyclists, alerting them to oncoming traffic and other hazards outside their field of vision.

Key Features and Capabilities:
  • Video Recording: Captures every ride, providing valuable data and documentation in case of incidents
  • AI-Powered Predictive Analytics: Analyzes vehicle behavior on the road, identifying potential hazards before they become a threat
  • Visual and Audible Warnings: Alerts cyclists to dangers from behind with light pattern changes and audible warnings, while also signaling to drivers the presence of a cyclist
  • Close Call and Incident Downloads: Allows for the review of near-misses and incidents, enhancing the learning and safety experience
  • Battery Life and Charging: Offers a 5-hour battery life with USB-C rechargeability, supporting long rides and easy charging
  • Companion App Pairing: Enhances the user experience with smartphone integration for additional alert visibility and control

The device’s ability to provide real-time, actionable insights into road conditions and driver behavior significantly enhances cyclist safety. With features like predictive risk estimation and traffic reactive light patterns, Copilot not only alerts cyclists to immediate dangers but also contributes to a broader understanding of cycling safety challenges.

Manufacturing and Design Collaboration:

The collaboration with Hellbender on designing, engineering, and manufacturing the Copilot underscores the integration of cutting-edge AI technology with practical, user-friendly design. Hellbender’s expertise in AI-based computer vision and sensor technology, combined with their in-house manufacturing capabilities, facilitated the rapid prototyping, iteration, and production of Copilot, ensuring a swift market entry and adherence to high-quality standards.

Impact on Cycling Safety:

The Copilot initiative is part of a larger effort to make cycling safer and more accessible. By providing cyclists with enhanced situational awareness and documenting interactions with vehicles, Copilot not only protects individual riders but also generates data that can inform infrastructure improvements and policy-making.

  • This aligns with Velo.AI’s mission to leverage technology to create safer streets, ideally to a point where such interventions are no longer necessary due to improved road safety
  • The Velo.AI Copilot stands as a testament to the potential of AI technology to make significant contributions to public safety, particularly in urban cycling environments. Its development and deployment mark an important step forward in the quest for safer, more cyclist-friendly cities.