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Environmental, Social, Governance

Hellbender is Pennsylvania’s first electronics design and manufacturing benefit corporation. We are committed to environmentally responsible practices, to being a good employer, and to local partnerships that enrich our community.

We Take Care of Our Team

  • All employees earn equity in the company and become owners
  • 100% of medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums are paid for by Hellbender
  • Non-managers elect 1/3 of the Board of Directors as worker representative directors
  • An internal hiring policy ensures that employee candidates are offered and considered for open jobs before external candidates are considered
  • Annual profit sharing at 10% of Net Income After Tax is provided to employees through Hellbender’s 401k retirement plan

We value our environment

  • Using technology to build more with less
  • Exclusively Pb-free RoHS printed circuit board assembly
  • 100% carbon-neutral commitment
    • We calculate our carbon footprint annually and identify opportunities for improvement and purchase carbon offsets accordingly
  • Industrial process waste recycling
    • Our solder paste waste is washed in a closed-circuit appliance and the waste is processed by a certified recycling service. None of our process metals end in a watershed
    • E-waste produced by our manufacturing process is appropriately handled, stored, and recycled
  • A preference for re-use
    • Where practical, we have purchased and re-purposed used machinery, furniture, and equipment to further reduce our environmental footprint
  • Quarterly Charitable giving to watershed conservation efforts
    • 3 1/3% of corporate net income after tax donated to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s watershed program

Our Community Matters

  • Quarterly charitable giving to local veterans’ charities
  • Member of Vibrant Pittsburgh
  • Commitment to veteran hiring
    • Hellbender is proud to be >25% veterans, and we are committed to providing opportunities to veterans through hiring platform partners like Shift

Our Governance Holds Us Accountable To Our Goals

Our Board of Directors includes worker, benefit, and shareholder directors. This ensures that mission, investor, and employee objectives are all represented evenly in corporate decisions.

Our values are so important to us that we included them in our bylaws:

SECTION 1.01. General Public Benefit. The Corporation is organized to create a general public benefit from the business and operations of providing engineering services and products for dual-use government and commercial applications (the “General Public Benefit”) or any lawful activity for which a corporation may be formed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

SECTION 1.02. Specific Public Benefit. In addition to the General Public Benefit enumerated in Section 1.01, the Corporation will pursue: a) the promotion of economic opportunity for veterans and the Corporation’s employees beyond the creation of jobs in the normal course of business; b) environmental preservation; c) the promotion of economic development through initiatives that increase access to capital for emerging and growing technology enterprises, facilitate the transfer and commercial adoption of new technologies, provide technical and business support to emerging and growing technology enterprises or form support partnerships that support those objectives; and d) the increased flow of capital to entities with a public benefit purpose (each, a “Specific Public Benefit” and, collectively, the “Specific Public Benefits”).

Hellbender uses the B Impact Assessment from B-Lab as its third-party ESG standard.

We significantly exceeded the threshold required for B Corps certification and are pursuing independent B Corps certification for 2023

Annual Benefit Report, 2021