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Hellbender + AUTOMATE: See & Hear the Latest on AI Vision and Perception

New perception products coming in 2024

The Hellbender team will be available to discuss their new line of stereo depth cameras and AI ready monocular cameras which will be available starting in Fall of 2024 as sealed units or OEM ready bare boards.

Engineering Solutions for Real-World Challenges

Explore Hellbender’s diverse portfolio, including AI-ready camera modules and comprehensive engineering services that accelerate development and reduce risks. Their approach leverages a strong foundation in hardware and firmware engineering to deliver robust, reliable solutions.

Sustainable Practices and Community Commitment

Learn about Hellbender’s dedication to sustainable manufacturing and community engagement. Their presence at the Automate Show is more than a technological exhibition; it’s a testament to their commitment to environmentally responsible practices and community development.

Visit Hellbender at the Automate Show

Step into the future of technology with Hellbender at the Automate Show. See how their technologies can transform your operational challenges into competitive advantages. Want to schedule some additional time at AUTOMATE? Contact us with your projects for a quick discussion.