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Roger Nasci, Co-Founder and VP of Projects

Roger Nasci

Co-Founder and VP of Projects

Roger Nasci is a robotics systems engineer and leader who is passionate about unlocking the greatest potential possible for those around him. He co-founded Hellbender Inc. motivated by the opportunity to build a company focused on finding efficiency in complex systems, and removing barriers for all stakeholders in the process.

Roger discovered his passion for maximizing impact through a systems-level approach while working as a test engineer at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. He sharpened his engineering skills in the Masters of Robotics Systems Development program at Carnegie Mellon and spent the next six years leading teams and projects at Carnegie Robotics. At Hellbender, Roger continues to streamline systems and empower the individuals around him. He is dedicated to creating a vibrant company culture that prioritizes diverse perspectives and unleashes the full potential of each and every employee. Having lived in numerous places around the US, Roger is energized by the opportunity to help found a manufacturing company in Western Pennsylvania, where his family has a strong industrial and entrepreneurial history. His great-grandfather was a coal miner and businessman in the area, and his grandfather started a steel construction company that still runs today, after more than 50 years. When he’s not immersed in projects at Hellbender, Roger enjoys exploring the Appalachian woods with his wife and two daughters.

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