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Nick Bland, Co-Founder and Systems Engineer

Nick Bland

Co-Founder and Systems Engineer

Nick became a co-founder and systems engineer at Hellbender when he recognized a unique opportunity to do the work he loves at a Benefit Corporation that aligns with his values of environmental stewardship and positive impact for the local economy.

Nick was further inspired by the chance to help build a company that is taking a novel approach to the potential of robotics – and harnessing that power to do good. Nick discovered his fascination with robots early. He was in high school when one of his teachers brought in a robotics challenge that gave students the opportunity to build robots in a state-wide competition. He shaped his college career around the thrill of discovery that he’d tapped into with robotics in high school, and followed that straight into the field after graduating. Nick found that he excelled in his work when he had the opportunity to apply his knack for connecting puzzle pieces at the big-picture level. Now, as a systems engineer at Hellbender, he’s able to do just that. He has daily opportunities to collaborate closely across all of the engineering disciplines to make whiteboard, pie-in-the-sky dreams a reality.

Outside of work, Nick’s hobbies reflect the same values of environmental stewardship and sustainability that he saw at Hellbender. He has a great love for the outdoors and enjoys riding his 2018 Triumph Tiger down winding Pennsylvania roads and camping with his husband.