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Mike Ramsay, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering

Mike Ramsay

Co-Founder and VP of Engineering

Mike Ramsay came to Hellbender to apply his wide-ranging interests and diverse engineering background as a co-founder and vice president of engineering.

At the highest level, Mike’s work is to facilitate Hellbender’s vision of bringing back an effective and flexible capacity to manufacture in the United States. To achieve this, Mike steers the engineering procedures at Hellbender with a keen awareness of the importance of agility, while maintaining respect for strategic, formalized processes. His projects cover a comprehensive scope of businesses’ needs, but Mike’s particular area of expertise lies in architecting technical plans. When a customer comes in with a problem, Mike develops solutions by imagining creative, elegant and efficient ways to solve it.

Hellbender’s commitment to doing good through its structure as a Benefit Corporation and the company’s overall mission of bringing manufacturing back to the United States are aligned with Mike’s personal values and have enabled him to step into a greater sense of personal agency. Many of Mike’s values and hobbies beyond his work are centered around his family. Active members in the Greater Pittsburgh Dahlia Society, Mike’s family grows and shows (and occasionally wins prizes) for their flowers. Through peak dahlia season, Mike’s family might grow as many as 300 blooms at their home in Pittsburgh.

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