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John Bier, Co-Founder and Engineering Technician

John Bier

Co-Founder and Engineering Technician

After concluding more than a decade of military service, John earned a degree in electrical technology. While working in the field, he continued his education and added degrees in welding and machining. As a co-founder and engineering technician at Hellbender, John now brings all of those modalities to bear in his work daily.

From standing up the company’s Surface-mount technology (SMT) lines, to maintaining the optimal functioning of existing machines, John is always engaged in projects that draw on his expertise. The collaborative structure at Hellbender means that John works alongside the companies’ founders and upper management, and the team-based environment keeps him passionate and inspired. It also means that John always has opportunities to apply his skills in new areas, thus expanding his base of knowledge.

When John is not building machines or solving electrical problems at Hellbender, there is a good chance you can find him doing those things at home. He and his family enjoy building go-karts, dirt bikes and almost anything imaginable, so much that John has transformed parts of his home into welding and electrical shops.