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Hutch Nazak, Co-Founder and Engineering Technician

Hutch Nazak

Co-Founder and Engineering Technician

At Hellbender, Hutch gets to do what he’s best at every day. Even more importantly, he’s continually challenged to learn and grow. He became a co-founder of Hellbender for the opportunity to be hands-on at the ground level of a company with the cutting-edge efficiency unlocked by manufacturing their own assets through an in-house Surface-mount technology (SMT). Because of the unique structure of Hellbender, Hutch gets to see the whole lifecycle of a product. He never loses sight of the fact that ultimately his hard work benefits customers.

Hutch spent his young adult life in the military, and when he left the service he pursued computer networking, gradually finding his way to engineering and to his chosen home of Pittsburgh. Once he settled in Pittsburgh, he knew he was never moving again. He likes that it’s not quite a big city or a small town, and he loves to take his two daughters downtown to catch a baseball game.

Now, in his role at Hellbender, Hutch knows that he’s helping to support the emerging economy and industries of Pittsburgh and he values the opportunity to drive the growth of his chosen home. As a veteran, raised in a military household, Hutch further recognizes the value and impact of Hellbender giving back to support veterans in the community. Although Hutch finds great fulfillment in supporting customers and the city of Pittsburgh, it’s his teammates who motivate Hutch to rise to exceed his own expectations every day. They know to bring him outside of his comfort zone because he thrives on the challenge. Just as they bring out the best in him, Hutch is committed to support every member of his team to do their best possible work.