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Galin Konakchiev, Co-Founder and Electrical Engineer

Galin Konakchiev

Co-Founder and Electrical Engineer

When Galin became a co-founder and senior electrical engineer at Hellbender, he brought with him over 20 years of industry knowledge, including complete mechanical and circuit design, from concept to implementation. He tests, prototypes and develops hardware for the printed circuit boards (PCB) that Hellbender manufactures in-house.

Hellbender’s collaborative structure and start-to-finish manufacturing model means that Galin works closely with colleagues who have different areas of expertise. In addition to working with mechanical and software engineers to design the PCB boards that are core to the electronics Hellbender fabricates, he also works with the manufacturing team and machine technicians to prototype, test and ultimately implement new models.

Originally trained in electrical engineering in Bulgaria, Galin moved to Pittsburgh with his wife in 1999 to seek greater economic opportunity. They have raised a daughter in Pittsburgh and established a strong community. Having seen firsthand how a robust local economy can positively impact people’s lives, Hellbender’s mission of reshoring manufacturing is particularly meaningful to Galin. While he loves his home and community in Pennsylvania, Galin and his family are dedicated travelers. They have made it a point to visit every major city and all 50 states in their chosen home country.