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Ed Black, Co-Founder and Operations Manager

Ed Black

Co-Founder and Operations Manager

At Hellbender, where he is a co-founder and operations manager, Ed has found a sense of both purpose and enjoyment. Ed honed his skills in technical management and electrical engineering across multiple industries, and he gets to put his wealth of knowledge into practice everyday by supporting multiple areas of the business–from helping to stand up the Surface-mount technology (SMT) line that will manufacture Hellbender’s printed circuit boards (PCB), to managing shipping and receiving.

Ed has two young-adult children, and he gives them the same career advice that guided him to the doors of Hellbender, “If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then find something else.” Over his career, Ed has learned that what makes him tick is not just doing what he excels at, or helping build an industry-leading business: It’s driving excellence with a team he trusts and respects.

Ed’s ability to adapt and his commitment to find the best path to accomplish what needs to be done comes from his family. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Ed bought the home he lives in from his parents, who bought it from his grandparents. He brings his resourcefulness home, with the many projects he works on around the house. As a local with deep roots, it’s exciting for Ed to support Pittsburgh by reshoring domestic manufacturing and leading the future of robotics in the area, all while helping other local companies succeed.