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Dave Pacella, Co-Founder and Electrical Engineer

Dave Pacella

Co-Founder and Electrical Engineer

As someone with roots in Western Pennsylvania and a family of four in the area, Dave became a co-founder at Hellbender to be part of its mission to support the local economic ecosystem while bringing back products that are made in America.

At Hellbender, he collaborates with his coworkers and clients at every stage of the process, applying his experience with supply chain management and deep, industry-spanning experience as an electrical engineer and project manager. The rare opportunity to have a hand in every element of the process – from concept to the stamp of approval tests getting a product out the door – was yet another reason Dave joined Hellbender.

Dave brings the self-taught curiosity and tenacity of someone from a long line of builders to his work at Hellbender: His grandfather started a family construction business in the early 1900s, and Dave grew up on the job site. He became interested in electronics as early as third-grade, when a fascination with his dad’s eight-track cassette led him to teach himself about the electronics behind audio systems. By highschool, he was making and selling high-powered subwoofers and other speakers. Dave’s audiophile inclinations remain intact today. He still plays music with his two teenage sons–though his daughter, who is the visual artist of the family, only listens.

In his current role at Hellbender, Dave brings these lifelong interests and skills to help guide the shape of the electrical engineering team and drives formative processes. Hellbender’s agility and direct connection to clients (without layers of middlemen) means that Dave also gets to work more closely with customers to help bring their products to life, and in turn to support them in making their customers happy.