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Cameron Baldwin, Co-Founder and Industrial Engineer

Cameron Baldwin

Co-Founder and Industrial Engineer

Trained both as an industrial engineer and a Surface-mount technology (SMT) operator, Cameron optimizes machine operations after the line is set up and running. His ambition as a co-founder at Hellbender is to ensure that the SMT line responsible for mounting electronic components directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) functions smoothly and efficiently.

Cameron sees a symbiotic relationship between a healthy work environment and the work that a company produces. He believes if employees are happy and engaged, they will do their best work, and the products they ultimately deliver to customers will be the best they can be. He decided to join Hellbender in part because he recognized these same values and perspectives in the founders of the company. Now, he is able to support the development of a manufacturing system that values both its employees and its customers in his own work.

Cameron’s extended family owns masonry and building companies here in Pittsburgh. His overarching career aspiration is to design machinery with awareness of the operators and technicians on the line – a goal which is informed by his experience working on his families’ job sites. As a native Pittsburgher, being part of a Benefit Corporation that can positively influence the developing city is an additional point of pride and joy in his work.