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Caleb Jamison, Co-Founder and Software Engineer

Caleb Jamison

Co-Founder and Software Engineer

Caleb brings a decade of embedded firmware engineering to Hellbender. He enjoys being the bridge between hardware and software. He gets great satisfaction the first time he sees a function work correctly, whether that be making a two-way radio connection or seeing a motor run.

Caleb cofounded Hellbender because he was intrigued by the employee ownership in a hardware company – something he had not seen before. He views Hellbender as a test case, and hopes they can prove that employee ownership is a viable business strategy that others would adopt.

Though he spent much of his life in South Dakota and Colorado, Caleb relocated to Pittsburgh for his work at Hellbender. Caleb loves making things and spends his time at home on the dozen personal projects he is building at any one time.