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Adela Wee, Co-Founder and Principal Engineer

Adela Wee

Co-Founder and Principal Engineer

Adela co-founded Hellbender for the unique opportunity to develop an inclusive, employee-centric company that was sustainable from both a work ethic standpoint as well as an environmental one.  Adela is a true engineer, insatiably curious about how things work—and how they could work better.  As the Principal Engineer at Hellbender, Adela utilizes her curiosity to solve technically complex challenges.  From designing Hellbender’s SMT line for electronic board assembly to guiding our domestic clients through R&D, Adela is working to revolutionize America’s role in sensor development.  Adela has been spearheading the development and use of low-powered edge-compute sensors to further environmental causes, such as minimizing bird strikes from windmills and monitoring runoff toxicity.

A first-generation California native, Adela comes from a family with a history of opportunistic, career-driven immigration.  Her ancestors were critical to bootstrapping core industrial development at the start of Singapore’s development as a British colony and later, an independent country.  Similarly, Adela moved to the East Coast to pursue her passion for robotics, and has made her home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Outside of work Adela is an avid traveler, photographer, woodturner, and mechanic. You might see her driving around Pittsburgh in her 1974 MG Roadster or in her garage putzing around trying to make it run better.

Adela Wee on LinkedIn

Wee, Adela (2021). Indoor Localization of Autonomous Vehicles. Patent Pending. US Application No. 17/181,455