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Velo AI: A Hellbender Success Story – Selling Out and Scaling Up

We are proud to announce a major milestone for Velo AI, a smart bike light designed and manufactured by Hellbender in partnership with After selling out its initial production run, Velo AI has successfully secured additional seed capital to scale operations and meet the growing demand for this revolutionary product.

Selling Out: A Testament to Demand and Quality

The rapid sell-out of Velo AI’s initial batch underscores the market’s demand for innovative safety solutions in urban cycling. This achievement highlights the product’s unique appeal, driven by its advanced technology and the real-world benefits it offers to cyclists. Velo AI’s success is not just in its sales numbers but also in its capacity to address a critical need for enhanced safety with smart technology.

Scaling Up: Fueling Growth with New Capital

The recent infusion of seed funding is set to propel the production and development of Velo AI to new heights. This investment will enable to scale their manufacturing efforts at Hellbender and expand the team to support the heightened production demands. It’s a significant step that ensures Velo AI can reach a wider audience and solidify its place as a leader in cycling safety technology.

How Velo AI Enhances Cyclist Safety

Velo AI is equipped with intelligent sensors and LED technology that adaptively respond to the cyclist’s environment. The light increases in intensity and flashes when it detects an approaching vehicle, dramatically improving the cyclist’s visibility. Powered by a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and a Hailo8 AI co-processor, Velo AI leverages on-device machine learning to process real-time data, enhancing its responsiveness and reliability without the need for an internet connection.

Hellbender’s Role in Innovation and Manufacturing

Hellbender’s collaboration with has been instrumental in turning the Velo AI concept into a tangible and highly effective product. Hellbender provided the technological expertise and manufacturing capabilities necessary to create a device that integrates complex AI functionalities into a user-friendly form. Their facilities ensured that each unit of Velo AI was built to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, from the initial PCB assembly to the final product testing. Velo AI’s journey from a promising prototype to a sold-out product has been incredibly rewarding. Hellbender is excited to continue this journey, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in AI-powered safety technologies. For more information on Velo AI’s industrial design, visit Deramo Design.